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A Community of Connections

What is the single most important thing in your life? When we strip away the clutter and noise --- the traffic, the cell phones, the non-stop schedules that we constantly juggle --- a large majority of us agree that it is the people in our lives that are most valuable. But with the multitude of daily distractions, we find it hard to give these relationships the time, nurturing and focus they deserve. The easiest way to counter-balance this tendency is to physically remove yourself from the details that divert your attention. For many reasons, Gorham's Bluff is ideally suited to serve as a distraction-free setting offering the time and space to foster the connections that enrich your life.

View Therapy and Spontaneous Gatherings. The quiet power of the land and the spectacular view provide an atmosphere that some claim immediately lowers their blood pressure. This calming effect (known to many as "view therapy") makes it easier to connect to yourself, to the natural world surrounding you, and to others. With a sense of open time and space, you are free to enjoy the profound pleasure of spontaneous gatherings with neighbors such as a pickup game of football, a walk along the Bluff trail, an impromptu cookout, or a relaxing afternoon fishing on West Lake. For those who maintain a weekend family gathering place at Gorham's Bluff, it is this special quality that helps balance our lives and re-charges us on a weekly basis.

Accessible Location. Despite our rural location, Gorham's Bluff is easy to access. Travel time to Gorham's Bluff is under 2 hours from many southeastern cities, including Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville, Huntsville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. This is significant because a home at Gorham's Bluff allows you to spend more of your free time at your retreat than in your car.

A Place for All Generations. Gorham's Bluff is specifically designed to accommodate people at every age so that all generations in a family are eager to come together here. Our new Town Plan provides dwellings that make sense for every life stage: from small houses to large houses to townhouses to flats to carriage houses to independent and assisted living lofts. Indeed, the Town Plan even accommodates the afterlife with two cemeteries. Beyond residences, we have a number of places where people of all ages can connect---the unique Shepard Park tree house; the West Bluff swimming pool; the Bistro for Saturday night suppers; or West Lake for the Gorham's Bluff Yacht Club's Regattas (for radio-controlled sailboats).

A Family's Legacy. To understand the vision of Gorham's Bluff as a "community of connections," look to the summer home communities that flourished in the United States at the turn of the century. Built prior to the advent of television, the primary form of entertainment was interacting with neighbors. These summer homes fostered relationships by providing a place for extended family to gather and created close-knit communities of friends who, summer to summer, grew up together. As few could place a price on the legacy of family and community bonds and traditions, most of these homes have been handed down from generation to generation. Gorham's Bluff is a place where families can create a similar legacy. While you may choose Gorham's Bluff as a second home, the unique attributes of our location and our vision for the town will make it your heart's primary home ---the place where you connect to the most important things in your life.