In an effort to become a community of connections, we will provide a 15% discount on lots when you and your family members or friends purchase three or more lots at the same time.

Housing can be made more affordable by placing your home on the Cottage Rental Program or purchasing a home jointly with other family members.

All house plans must be approved by the Gorham’s Bluff Design Review Board. Sample house plans are available for review in the Gorham’s Bluff Realty office.

Appalachian Cottage
101 Maple Street
Price: $379,750
Rooms: 2 Bed / 2 Baths
Furnished: YES
West Bluff Neighborhood

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Grace House
304 Gorham Drive
Price: $790,000
Rooms: 3 Bed / 4 Bath
Furnished: NO
Location: West Bluff Neighborhood

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