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Keith Izydore

Keith Izydore is a craftsman at heart. His uncles were tradesmen and he spent many a summer as a teenager in his native western Pennsylvania working with his hands, assisting talented electricians, carpenters, and masons. Even then it was a labor of love, and Keith envisioned a life for himself as a cabinet maker. Instead he went off to college on a football scholarship and later embarked on a career in hotel and restaurant management, but that desire to be an integral part of building things from the ground up never left him.

After a time in residential and commercial real estate in suburban Atlanta, Keith jumped at the chance to be involved in the development of Gorham's Bluff. Having been a part of the management team at Barnsley Gardens resort in north Georgia during the early stages of its development, Keith saw firsthand the excitement that comes from turning a dramatic shared vision into a lived reality. Couple that energy with the deep spiritual quality that he, like so many others, felt in Gorham's Bluff on his first visit here, and Keith was convinced that Gorham's Bluff was the perfect place to build great homes in a sustainable community that lasts for generations.

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