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Media Contact

Dawn McGriff | (256) 451-2787, ext.41

Press Releases

The following press releases are available for download in Microsoft Word format.

Story Starters

Gorham's Bluff provides spokespeople for a variety of media inquiries and helps byline articles on various new urbanist and arts related topics. To inquire about interviewing Gorham's Bluff thought leaders, contact Below are some newsworthy topics geared to members of the press.

  • THE NEIGHBORHOOD: What are the principles of New Urbanism? Will they change the way we think, work, and play? How are these principles at work in Gorham's Bluff?

  • THE INSTITUTE: How do the arts empower and enrich a community? Since its inception in 1994, what has the Gorham's Bluff Institute done to empower and enrich northeast Alabama? What is it planning for the future?

  • THE LODGE: What makes the Lodge on Gorham's Bluff one of the most sought after getaway spots in Alabama?

  • THE PEOPLE: The Gorham's Bluff community is made up of a cross-section of people with a variety of backgrounds, worldviews, and experiences. From as far away as Iran and as nearby as Pisgah, Alabama, what draws them here? What binds them together?

Institute Headlines and Highlights