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Various artists have connected to the Institute by using Gorham's Bluff as a venue for their art. Some examples include:
  • A group of musicians from various locations in the Southeast used Gorham's Bluff as a meeting place for a jam session, providing locals with a free concert in the process.
  • A modern dance company created a residency to focus on a work in process. They used their time here not only in the studio, but also to work with local community groups to gain feedback and hone their skills as instructors and facilitators in their art.
  • Visual artists who have tapped into the inspirational power of the Bluff have displayed the results in the Lodge and donated artwork to the Institute.
  • A musician used the Meeting House to record his work for a self-produced CD.
  • Artists of different genres have come together to create site specific performances (dancers, musicians, storytellers, etc.).

Contact us with your ideas for collaboration, and plug into the Institute!

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