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The Gorham's Bluff Institute holds strong to the belief that access to broad-based educational and cultural opportunities is a community responsibility. The Institute's ArtsAccess program strives to support sustainable community development by providing significant elements of educational outreach in association with all its programs. GBI promotes academic achievement directly through its partnership with area public schools to sponsor the Jackson County Middle School Math Tournament and the Jackson County Scholars Bowl, the only events of their kind in the county.

In addition to its intergenerational arts workshops and classes, many of GBI's activities involve the public performance of art forms that residents of this community are not likely to see locally. Most important, GBI programs are often the first-and only-significant exposure to these art forms that area schoolchildren receive. ArtsAccess also has a long history of sending a range of professional artists-from storytellers and dancers to classical musicians-into area public schools and libraries for free performances and demonstrations.

By sponsoring these sorts of activities, GBI is providing area children with vital opportunities they would not otherwise receive. To get involved with ArtsAccess or to become an Institute member and support these important programs, contact us arts@gorhamsbluff.com.