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The Gorham's Bluff Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing arts and educational enrichment to rural northeast Alabama by:
  • Committing to the artistic development of the community, not only as audience members, but also as participants;
  • Introducing artists to northeast Alabama who might not otherwise reach our audiences;
  • Recognizing and honoring artists from this part of the country who may not be known outside of their community;
  • Creating facilities that provide artists with a venue in which to create and perform, and that make possible growth and learning for people of all ages and abilities;
  • Teaming with local public schools and libraries to provide the community with dynamic cultural and arts education activities it would not otherwise receive.

Since its inception in 1994, the Institute has hosted several extended festivals and residencies in the areas of professional storytelling, classical and modern dance, and classical music. Throughout that period, the Institute has worked with area public schools and libraries, bringing artists, schoolchildren, and interested local residents together for individual performances, introductory lectures, workshops, and demonstrations. The Institute is one of the few organizations to provide these sorts of ongoing cultural and arts-education activities in rural Jackson, DeKalb, and Marshall counties

The Institute's board and staff believe that broad-based education is a community responsibility and that the arts and humanities are vital to our region's cultural and intellectual growth. Therefore, we strive for all of our programming to contain significant elements of educational outreach. In conjunction with the Alabama Ballet Summer Residency in Gorham's Bluff, to cite just one example, company dancers fan out across the tri-county area each summer to visit public libraries where they give fun, accessible, and interactive demonstrations on classical dance.

Likewise, the Institute has expanded its partnership with area public schools by sponsoring the Jackson County Middle School Math Tournament-the only event of its kind in our county-and the Institute has had encouraging success in developing its series of intergenerational community arts workshops as well.

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