Gorham's Bluff
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Our Mission

Imagine yourself at what feels like the edge of the world. Stretched before you is a vast canvas of blues and greens where sky meets mountain meets river meets field, a spiritual place that holds you in its power.

As you turn from the bluff's edge, imagine sounds: a dragonfly's drone, the clatter of bread pans, a lilting piano melody, the energetic cadence of conversation.

Imagine children riding bicycles down tree-lined streets, a red geranium gracing a front porch, roses climbing a picket fence, the sounds of splashing and laughter coming from the neighborhood pool.

Imagine a place where creative energy thrives-where discovery, exploration, and creativity are nourished.

Imagine a town where celebrating the arts is a mission, not a happenstance.

Imagine a place where families and friends gather to make memories that will pass down through generations.

Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere in the middle of everything.

Imagine yourself in Gorham's Bluff.